Welcome to the network-wide update page of Northstar.nu. This is where I log the manual (i.e., not script-related) fixes of all the sites in this domain, listed below.

Mar. 23, 2019

Say hi to my new affiliates, Linden and Brenda!

Steadily working on a bunch of FLs I got approved for (from both TFL and TAFL). Really happy that I was able to contact their former owners who sent me their old members’ list. Excited to show them off!

Also got into Kuroko no Basuke last week and binged on it relentlessly (I finished 75 episodes and the movie on Netflix in like 10 days whuuut). I’m now contemplating whether I want to apply for new FLs for the two ships I like from that show.

Mar. 12, 2019
Northstar.nu, Ishida Uryuu

Please say hello to Christine and Joy, my newest affiliates! ♥

Also the other day I was complaining that the first two layout drafts I had for the Uryuu Ishida FL weren’t coming together for me, but yesterday I had too much inspiration. xD My first time to work with a zigzag one-page layout. It looks OK in Photoshop, so I hope I can code it properly *g* I wanted to do a good job on this because I’m so grateful Estefania took the time to send me her old list, which had more than 1,000 members!!! Took a chance on her old email and it paid off. So I want to do Ishida justice and hope my layout can reflect that~ :3

Mar. 11, 2019

Yay! The contact page now has its own look, featuring the lovely fanart of Minako Aino by ne819. (Thank you for granting me permission!) As always I went for a clean, minimalist look with a lot of whitespace.

Took me a couple of hours, but I decided to finish this layout in one sitting only because I’ve been working on my Ishida Uryuu fanlisting all weekend but the layout just isn’t working for me, and I wanted to feel like I at least finished something. So here it is. :)

Also welcoming a new affiliate, Robine of Your-Juliet.net. ♥

Mar. 7, 2019

New affiliate: CalĂ­toe.:. of Diletante.net :)

Also got approved for four subjects at TAFL, which I didn’t know about until I checked my spam mail. -_-;; Grateful, but also a bit ticked—I don’t think I’ve ever received an automated email from them without it having rerouted to the junk mail folder. I really wish Gmail would stop doing that

Mar. 6, 2019

I finally decided to put all my joined listings in a separate subsection, having found my old SQL file of fanlistings I’ve joined since 2008 (when I still had Beatifique.org). I spent waaay too much time on this rather simple layout, and I still didn’t get it to look like the way I wanted it to. -_-;; So I’m letting it go now:

/ s u k i : Everything liked by Northstar.nu

Fanart is by the lovely Dingier who very kindly gave me permission to use this minimalist art of InuYasha and Kagome. While they’re not really my OTP from that series (I’m more of a Miroku/Sango fan), the art is incredibly beautiful, and very apt for what the domain subsection stands for, i.e., a site for my joined fanlistings, because I joined too many fkn things over the past decade. xD

Expect a lot of minimalist fanart in many layouts from this domain in the next few weeks, as I continue with my site-wide revamp in honor of the new domain. ♥

Feb. 25, 2019
Northstar.nu, Bookmarked

I’ve been doing nothing the last two days but finishing the coding on my new Natalie Portman layout (art courtesy of Mario Teodosio, used with permission), which I started designing more than a month ago, and I’m officially sick of it lol, so I’ve decided to go ahead and officially launch the new look. I’m so thrilled I got the CSS tabs to work (first time to use them!), but I’m still not super happy about how the elements on the page look. I guess I’ll be tweaking them again when I get the chance to.

I really like the CSS tabs because it can let users navigate from section to section without leaving the main page or reloading the header and footer files. It will need some restructuring in the markup, but I think I can use this to my advantage (especially when it comes to skinning my sites, which I have always wanted to do but never did because every layout I make has a different placement of content). :)

In other news, I fixed some of the CSS and incorrect links on Bookmarked, and am already working on a new layout for it. ♥

Feb. 24, 2019

Updated my joined page with the listings I own, and revisited some FLs of my all-time OTPs and re-added those I haven’t yet.

It’s getting a bit of a chore having to update the list manually, but I am not sure yet if a) I want to go back to Enthusiast for my joined listings page, and b) if I still want to use image codes, or go with a links list instead, since it looks neater that way. Hm.

Feb. 20, 2019
Northstar.nu, Voltron: Legendary Defender

Was so incensed at something IRL so I decided to work on new codes. Thanks to the Code Generator, the VLD FL now has 5 spiffy new codes, in new sizes. :)

Also changed the pagination on this site log, with thanks to Katenkka!

Feb. 17, 2019
Voltron: Legendary Defender

I spent most of this day revamping the look of my VLD fanlisting, so go check it out! I initially wanted to go with a one-page layout, but I ended up using multiple pages with a two-column layout, and I rather like it. ♥ Version 2 features fanart by the talented Teaffeine. With thanks to her for granting me permission to use her art. :)

Feb. 12, 2019

I got tired of letting myself take forever on the new layout, so while that one is still in the works, I’ve recycled this old Shiro and Keith layout for Northstar.nu. Edited all the pages, and redid the Index page to only show the most recent projects. :) Finished moving all the sites, too—thanks again, as ever, to my lovely host, Lys of Lepard Space, for taking care of the main domain switch.


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