12 August 2019
Northstar.nu, Kagami & Kuroko, Aomine Daiki, FREE!: Rei, Aomine/Momoi, FREE!: Sousuke, FREE! Movies

I’ve had enough of dark layouts, so I decided to revamp this site log with an Ami Mizuno fanart from Pillara, to complement the design of the main domain. ☆

Also opened my newest fanlisting, The Bonds of Water, for all the movies of FREE!— which as you know is my latest anime fascination. I added a bunch of affiliates to that site, then took the opportunity to catch up on my affiliate links for my other FREE! and KnB FLs as well. Managed to get some CSS and HTML markup tweaking across several sites, too. #productive

23 July 2019

After a month of purchasing the domain and not doing anything with it, and after about twenty (not exaggerating) failed attempts, I finally got my fanlisting collective to look like how I wanted it to:

Hakanai.net: Ainna's Fanlisting Collective

(The simplicity of the layout compared to the number of my coding attempts is extremely embarrassing. Also the accordion CSS+Script is a tried-and-tested beautiful thing)

Technically this is version 2, because I reused my Natasha Romanoff layout from the former incarnation of the sub-site (suki.northstar.nu). The design features Tachibana Makoto, the most perfect anime boy you’ll ever meet, which is both in honor of my current fascination with FREE! and the truly tragic arson attack at Kyoto Animation Studios earlier this week. (Fanart by Johanndro, used with permission.)

Affiliate requests are welcomed!

19 July 2019

The hard thing about revamping one’s collective is that you also must revamp all the sites in it. OTL But at least it gave me a good reason to work on my pending sites (not fanlistings)!

Dog-Eared: Ainna's Favorite Fics Presenting my new and improved fic rec site! Also renamed to “Dog-Eared” because the old name was hella boring lol. The only thing I don’t quite like about it, is that I’m a cat person. xD Version 2 features a Kuroko with Nigou fanart by masterBISH, used with permission. (And no, an actual dog in the main layout has nothing to do with the site title. ^^;)

14 July 2019
Northstar.nu, Hakanai.net

It took me close to 48 hours (with breaks, don’t worry lol), but I finally finished my revamp of Northstar.nu: I rewrote and restructured the content, reorganized my links and sites (since Hakanai.net will be my fanlistings collective from now on) placement, spent waaay too much time on the littlest details (icons, styling lists) that no one will pay attention to, and felt ultra-frustrated that a fairly simple layout that I finished in ten minutes in Photoshop took me practically two whole days to code.

But at least, it’s done! Yay! Version four features a lovely Haruka and Michiru sketch by Pillara (used with permission).


12 July 2019
Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper Fanlisting [v. 2] Been watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix_PH lately, so I decided to finish my revamp of Sheldon 💚 I drafted this a while back, then shelved it because I decided I didn’t want a fixed width layout. Last night I tried coding a fluid layout, which worked fine, except that I didn’t like how it looked lol. So I went back to my original design. ^^;

The fanart featuring one of my favorite Sheldon quotes is by Pulvis, used with permission.