14 January 2020
*Northstar.nu, Ishida Uryuu, Kamiya Kaoru, *Hakanai.net, Ephemeral, Satoh Takeru

I finally finished the design for my overdue latest FL, Satoh Takeru, who is probably the only Japanese actor I have been obsessed with. My fascination for him predictably came about when the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film came out in 2012. I stalked every Japanese blog and site, bought official merch (photobooks, calendars, DVDs), downloaded Japanese apps (like LINE) for exclusive content, binged on his shows, hounded videos with fansubs, and even started learning Nihongo (I’m nowhere near fluent, sadly, but I can read basic kana and know basic grammar). I literally spent thousands of pesos on this man lol. I’m more of a casual fan now, but with the last installment of the RK movies coming out later this year—to my biggest surprise, since I thought the trilogy of films ended in 2014—it’s fitting to put up a small appreciation page for him.

I cross-linked this with my Kaoru FL, of course, and added a few other RK-related affiliates. As to my other sites, I added Yumichika to Ishida as an affiliate, and changed Mal’s member/affiliate information for Ephemeral, Hakanai, and Northstar (and Katenkka’s, too).

4 January 2020
*Northstar.nu, Shounen, Shoujo, Scented, Good Tidings, Cappuccino

So yesterday I put the domain on a brief hiatus. I’ve been creating like four different new layouts for it, but nothing quite felt right. Ugh. Layout block is the worst. Good thing Affeli.us offers free templates for precisely this occasion. Hopefully I get out of this rut soon.

In other news, my first new FL for 2020 is now up: it’s for one of my favorite josei manga, Cappuccino, a short series by Marmalade Boy creator Yoshizumi Wataru. I read this three years ago, and I’m still thinking about it today; that’s how hauntingly heartbreaking the story was, and how well-written it is. (Also added it as an affiliate to Sailor V.) It’s my first time to use a stock photo for a manga site, but I’m liking the effect (if I do say so myself). I just hope it doesn’t confuse people. xD

Other stuff I did today:

  1. I tweaked some of the content in Fine Print. (I really should change its layout soon!)
  2. I looked up some CSS section dividers and am itching to revamp (even retitle yet again) my fanfiction site! Better add that to the to-do list.
  3. …Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to get my coding done for the /log section but have not been able to *sigh*
  4. I put down the signup section on Good Tidings, and put up the reminder in the Participants section that layouts have to be up until Jan. 15, 2020. :)
  5. I added a ton of affiliates cross-linking my own sites to the Shoujo and Shounen FLs. :) On that note, I better add revamps of those two on my list. I like the art I used for the layouts, but the layouts themselves are ugh :
  6. Lastly, tweaked the CSS and image size on Scented. I hate ugly scrollbars, so I “camouflaged” the colors a bit, and made the header image smaller to better suit my resolution (1366×768).

1 January 2020
*Northstar.nu, Tony/Pepper, Project Clique, Kamiya Kaoru, FREE! Movies, Good Tidings

Happy New Decade (2020), everyone!

  1. All icons have been emailed for participants of Good Tidings
  2. A very generous hosting upgrade was given by Leprd (thank you, Lys!) ♥♥
  3. Added new cliques to Project Clique (Carla’s Element and Mine!)
  4. Did some minor CSS/HTML tweaks to FREE! Movies and Tony/Pepper
  5. Added Saya and Janna as domain affiliates
  6. Updated the RK FL affiliate link for Kaoru

31 December 2019
*Northstar.nu, *Hakanai.net, Christopher Nolan

December has been so hectic at work! Here’s all I managed to work on this month:

  1. Dec. 4: MILESTONE REACHED: 2800 members in the collective! ♥
  2. Dec. 29: New affiliate for Christopher Nolan (Ron Howard)
  3. Dec. 30: New layout + matching buttons for Hakanai.net—also edited the content and updated some affiliate links
  4. Dec. 31: New affiliates for Good Tidings (Winter Holidays and December)

23 November 2019
*Northstar.nu, Tony/Pepper, Ishida Uryuu, Ephemeral, Tony Stark, Elementary, Good Tidings, Pastels

Been busy IRL, so here’s a collection of small updates the past few weeks:

  1. Nov. 8: New affiliate for Elementary (Lucy Liu)
  2. Nov. 10: New affiliate for Viola Davis (Emma Stone)
  3. Nov. 11: New buttons for Good Tidings and new affiliate (New Year’s), and updated the network section of the domain
  4. Nov. 13: New affiliate for Pastel Colours (Cool Colors)
  5. Nov. 15: New affiliate for Ishida Uryuu (Nel); edited former owner’s (Betty’s) info at Elementary; new affiliates for Tony and Tony/Pepper (RDJ)
  6. Nov. 17: New affiliate for Pastel Colours (Colours), Ephemeral (Fanlisting collectives) and Ishida Uryuu (IshiHime)
  7. Nov. 23: New affiliates for Good Tidings (Holidays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)

7 November 2019
Ishida Uryuu, *Hakanai.net, Christopher Nolan, Good Tidings, Pastels

Got approved for this subject a couple of days ago, but it’s been a wishlister of mine for like forever so I set to work on it quickly, and now it’s ready for release! Please join Delicately Soothing, the fanlisting for pastel colours! (And yes I’ve adopted the British spelling just because it looks cooler)

I also added new affiliates for Christopher Nolan (Inception and Arthur+Eames) and Ishida Uryuu (Muramasa). Incidentally, it was Uryuu’s character birthday yesterday. ^^; Also added the new FL owned icons for Hakanai.net!

Lastly, some new updates for Good Tidings: a new 100×50 code, some new guidelines regarding finished layouts, and sent the thank-you finished icons for Rhys and Laurie. ♥

4 November 2019
Ainna.me, Good Tidings

The other day, I set up the information page for Good Tidings, the 2019 Holiday Layout Marathon I’m hosting (and I’ve added Rhys and Lene as participants):

Sign-ups close Dec. 1, 2019. Come join! ☆

In other news, I’ve updated the index page of Ainna.me to add a more functional/informative menu. I am also officially launching /PULSE, my mostly-RL microlog.

1 November 2019

It seems like a really manic energy took over and I was able to finish Scented, my homage to the popular 90’s web clique, Scented Angels. 。.:☆*:・’(*⌒―⌒*))) I really wanted to revive this clique because I still want to use it on my domain splash page, but since I had no way of contacting the creator (Tira)—as it has been two decades since the site was closed—I thought it would be fitting to put up a tribute instead. I suppose visiting Robin’s The Nostalgia Project gave me the necessary push to finally get this done! ^.^ Art is by Yuumei, used under her nonprofit license.

31 October 2019
*Northstar.nu, Dog-Eared, Ishida Uryuu, Scented

Hit by a sudden flash of inspiration, so I started work on yet another a new site. (⌒▽⌒)☆ Done with the initial phase of the layout; coding is to come next. Just have to write a little content and then we’re good to go~

In other news, I finally got around to adding icons to my sites at Northstar.nu. ^^;; Also tweaked the CSS there a bit more, until I’m finally happy with how the content is rendered on the page (especially with the “About,” “Design,” and “Projects” sections).

More housekeeping:

  1. /log: Fixed the CSS so the entry backgrounds now have rounded corners, edited the .htaccess (with help from Lys, as ever! ♥) to drop the PHP extension in my files, and finally got around to adding a to-do section
  2. Ishida Uryuu: Decided to go with a fixed top nav, hopefully it looks better!), and added a new affiliate, Rukia
  3. Dog-Eared: Made the content into an iFrame so it aligns better with the header image, but now I seem to be regretting the two-column layout decision since the site is so text-heavy >_< This design really works better for smaller sites with little content. So I may have to change the layout soon, no matter how much I like the current Kuroko+Nigou one(个_个)

29 October 2019
*Northstar.nu, Project Clique, Sheldon Cooper, *Hakanai.net, Christopher Nolan, Ephemeral

Here’s what I’ve been up to yesterday and most of today:

  1. New layout for the main domain, ft. Ichigo Kurosaki (fanart by Sideburn004, used with permission). I had problems with the viewability of the last layout, so I had to change it. Too bad it lasted only ten days.
  2. Reverted to the early version of the Contact page, because all the other scripts I tried just wouldn’t work to my liking Now it’s back to Minako, with a few CSS tweaks ♥
  3. New links added to the Exits page of /log
  4. New affiliate added to Project Clique (The Docket) + cleaned up links
  5. New members and affiliates (The Docket, Beautiful Mind, and List-Me.com) added to Ephemeral
  6. New affiliate added to Hakanai.net (Laura)
  7. New affiliate (Alfred Hitchcock) added to Christopher Nolan
  8. Slight CSS tweaks to the members’ list were made on Sheldon Cooper