12 July 2019
Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper Fanlisting [v. 2] Been watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix_PH lately, so I decided to finish my revamp of Sheldon 💚 I drafted this a while back, then shelved it because I decided I didn’t want a fixed width layout. Last night I tried coding a fluid layout, which worked fine, except that I didn’t like how it looked lol. So I went back to my original design. ^^;

The fanart featuring one of my favorite Sheldon quotes is by Pulvis, used with permission.

21 April 2019
Sheldon Cooper

A Happy Easter to all!

Added the next batch of codes, plus new affiliates, for Sheldon: Amy Farrah Fowler, Jim Parsons, and The Big Bang Theory.

Also revisited the new layout I’m making and I’m quite happy with it, so I guess I’ll code it and upload it as soon as I can…? xD

18 April 2019
Sai/Ino, Sheldon Cooper

I’ve had this layout idea for a while now, since I got Bluustock’s permission to use her fanart, and because I was feeling productive yesterday I decided to go ahead with a revamp for the Sai/Ino FL:

The Sai/Ino Fanlisting

As always, I’m not super happy with the CSS just yet (will need to tweak that soon, especially the fonts), but it looks OK thus far and I really like the colors, so I’m releasing this to the world now. (I managed to put up new codes in more sizes, too!) ♥

* * *

I also added another affiliate for Sheldon: his mother (Mary Cooper)! Thanks to Chrisie with whom I’ve had a lovely time chatting about TBBT and YS the past few days. :)

17 April 2019
Northstar.nu, Sheldon Cooper, Jake/Amy (Peraltiago)

I started on this layout a couple of weeks ago after obtaining tonvstxrks‘ permission to use her Peraltiago moodboard/aesthetic, and wanted to get a better feel for it first before launching it. Now it’s done, and I’m really happy with it:

The Jake/Amy [Peraltiago] Fanlisting

It’s a joint fanlisting for the characters and their relationship, so please go join if you’re a fan of Jake and Amy! (I surprisingly had a grand time making codes for this FL, a task which I never enjoy. Hmmm. Must be because I was watching B99 in the background?)

In other news, added some new affiliates: Samantha to Northstar.nu; Andy Samberg for Peraltiago; and TBBT5, Leonard&Sheldon, Penny, Missy Cooper, and Young Sheldon to Sheldon. ♥ Speaking of which, I’m not very happy about the minimalist layout I put up, and I’m itching to do a new one… >_< This has never happened before, that I would be so unhappy with my current layout that I would want to do a new one right away

16 April 2019
Ranma/Akane, Sheldon Cooper, Tendou Akane

The Big Bang Theory will always be one of my favorite sitcoms, and Sheldon will always rank high in my list of my favorite characters. So imagine my glee when Joss allowed me to inherit the old list, and donated a plethora of codes!

The Sheldon Cooper Fanlisting

In other news, I’ve added Nabiki as an affiliate to the Ranma/Akane and Akane FLs. ♥