12 August 2019
*Northstar.nu, Kagami & Kuroko, Aomine Daiki, FREE!: Rei, Aomine/Momoi, FREE!: Sousuke, FREE! Movies

I’ve had enough of dark layouts, so I decided to revamp this site log with an Ami Mizuno fanart from Pillara, to complement the design of the main domain. ☆

Also opened my newest fanlisting, The Bonds of Water, for all the movies of FREE!— which as you know is my latest anime fascination. I added a bunch of affiliates to that site, then took the opportunity to catch up on my affiliate links for my other FREE! and KnB FLs as well. Managed to get some CSS and HTML markup tweaking across several sites, too. #productive

8 July 2019
*Northstar.nu, FREE!: Rei, Ainna.me, FREE!: Sousuke

Bought myself a new domain for my birthday two days ago (yet again because of a Namecheap sale)! I decided Ainna.cc (which now redirects to my Carrd profile) never really looked nice enough, and Ainna.me looks so much better for a personal site. ♥

* * *

Yamazaki Sousuke Fanlisting New fanlisting alert! Yamazaki Sousuke is now up and affiliates with Rei (of course)! My only regret is I couldn’t come up with a better name than “Badass,” because, heck, that’s what he is. xD

Despite the layout looking similar to my other fanlistings, I took longer than usual to finish coding this site because I opted for a one-page tabbed design (like Northstar.nu) so the structure is rather different. I’m very pleased Johanndro gave me permission to use this fanart! Sousuke is sooo handsome here ☆

I’m liking the clean and simple look of this design. It doesn’t contain more information than it should. It’s very… succinct, pretty much like how Sousuke is. Maybe I should redesign the rest of my FLs to look this fresh…?

18 May 2019
FREE!: Rei

Shortly after I got into KnB, I decided to binge on FREE!, and also promptly fell in love with it. MAKOTO IS THE MOST PERFECT ANIME BOY EVER

I felt a kindred spirit in Ryuugazaki Rei, and I wanted to join his fanlisting, but there wasn’t any. :\

So I decided to build it myself. Please go to DIVE AND FLY and sign up if you’re a Rei fan! ♥

I took waaay too many screencaps while binging on all three seasons of the series, and I had a lovely time making codes. :)

Verson 1 layout features fanart (again) by Mayumi Matsumoto, used with permission. ♥