21 May 2019
Ranma/Akane, Tendou Akane

For a design that I wanted to be easy to make, I spent waaay too much time on the new Ranma/Akane FL layout. >_< Still featuring fanart by Spelarmind, this time a sketch of the two squabbling lovers (+P-chan). I wanted something simple and clean, and this art piece did very nicely. I like the design, but I’m kind of sick of it now after spending more hours on it than I planned.

Because the HTML structure for that design is also based on my Akane FL, that site’s markup and CSS have been cleaned up, too. Grateful for having found the solution to my extra whitespace layout problem, with such a basic fix! ♥ Also decided to put the updates for Tendou Akane in its own category.

16 April 2019
Ranma/Akane, Sheldon Cooper, Tendou Akane

The Big Bang Theory will always be one of my favorite sitcoms, and Sheldon will always rank high in my list of my favorite characters. So imagine my glee when Joss allowed me to inherit the old list, and donated a plethora of codes!

The Sheldon Cooper Fanlisting

In other news, I’ve added Nabiki as an affiliate to the Ranma/Akane and Akane FLs. ♥

3 April 2019
Ranma/Akane, Shounen, Kamiya Kaoru, Tendou Akane

I finished two new FLs (since my TAFL deadline is coming up)! I’m still not sold on the CSS of these sites, but they will do for now:

The Shounen Genre Fanlisting The Kamiya Kaoru Fanlisting

Thanks again to Miyukiko for letting me use her gorgeous YYH fanart for the Shounen FL!

Also this really goes against my design principle, but I’ve had to use a promotional movie still for Kaoru’s layout, since I couldn’t find any good fanart of Kaoru that I could use with the artist’s permission. : Also took a while to decide with a smaller content area, but the layout is slowly growing on me. Immense thanks again to Kris for allowing me to inherit her list!

Added the Ranma 1/2 and Ryoga FLs as affiliates for the Ranma/Akane and Akane FLs. :)

31 March 2019
Tendou Akane

I have about six (!!!) fanlistings due next week, and I am struggling to finish them all today. Why does coding take forever

Here’s the first one, featuring fanart by Mayumi Matsumoto, used with her permission:

This first version is so red! I’ve never really used that color in a layout, ever, but this shade of red is so pretty. It also is fitting for Akane (aka means “red” after all, plus it could be an allusion to her temper). ^^; I only hope it’s not too difficult to read the text. (I may just tweak the CSS later since there are still so many inconsistencies ugh)

Go join!

(I’ve combined the manual updates for that site and for my Ranma/Akane site in one category on this blog because the subjects are similar.) EDIT May 21, 2019: I decided to separate the updates on two categories, after all, to keep categories more streamlined. ^^;