29 October 2019
*Northstar.nu, Project Clique, Sheldon Cooper, *Hakanai.net, Christopher Nolan, Ephemeral

Here’s what I’ve been up to yesterday and most of today:

  1. New layout for the main domain, ft. Ichigo Kurosaki (fanart by Sideburn004, used with permission). I had problems with the viewability of the last layout, so I had to change it. Too bad it lasted only ten days.
  2. Reverted to the early version of the Contact page, because all the other scripts I tried just wouldn’t work to my liking Now it’s back to Minako, with a few CSS tweaks ♥
  3. New links added to the Exits page of /log
  4. New affiliate added to Project Clique (The Docket) + cleaned up links
  5. New members and affiliates (The Docket, Beautiful Mind, and List-Me.com) added to Ephemeral
  6. New affiliate added to Hakanai.net (Laura)
  7. New affiliate (Alfred Hitchcock) added to Christopher Nolan
  8. Slight CSS tweaks to the members’ list were made on Sheldon Cooper

26 October 2019
*Northstar.nu, *Hakanai.net, Ephemeral

Ephemeral // Fanlisting Collective Directory So I had another niche directory idea and ran away with it. xD This time, it’s for fanlisting collectives. I thought it would be a good idea to connect all active FL collective owners since we’re basically a dying breed by now. If you run one, please join Ephemeral!

As an aside, this was probably the fastest layout I made. (Design- and coding-wise, everything just seemed to come together.) Fanart features Hotaru Tomoe by Pillara, used with permission.

On another note, I made some minor CSS tweaks and edited the “About” and “Exits” pages (added new links) for this update log, and added a Closed FLs section to Hakanai.net. The latter is meant for new FL owners who applied and got approved for these subjects at TFL or TAFL—they can contact me for the old members’ lists. ♥