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These entries reflect manual site changes. Member updates are not logged.

21 April 2020

After a year of wearing that lovely Carol Danvers layout, Fine Print finally has a new design! It may look a bit too dark probably because I designed it in the dark OTL, so I should probably tweak it a bit more later. Header photo was edited from a cap off their Map of the Soul: 7 (2020) jacket shoot, © BigHit Entertainment. I added icons to break the textual monotony, and to quote my own tweet, “the good thing about group shots is that one can make multiple icons from the same picture.” xD It’s also my first time to try out the Smooth Scrolling effect, which for the most part works for this one-page version since it has sections that needed to be identified in the URL.

I also edited my About and Design pages on Northstar.nu—I cut out a few sentences to make them (hopefully) less rambly. I also added some new links of sites I admired on the Exits section. Then I updated the coding structure of /log, then added Primavera to the sidebar and Mayumi to the links.

Next, I added Lilac, Turquoise, and Silver as affiliates to Pastel Colours , which I is now listed under Minty.nu. ♥

Finally, I integrated Mal’s list with the current Pancakes list (also moved to Minty.nu), which is now up to 948 members! I hope to reach 1,000 members soon! (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

17 April 2020

  1. Added the three new 100×50 codes to Dick Grayson because forgot the last time. xD I also added new codes to Pastel Colours because I was in the mood. ;) I do need to add that writeup soon!
  2. I added Katie’s sites as my collective and fanlisting affiliates (Lewis to Elementary, and lavender to Pastel Colours). :)
  3. Primavera also had a revised set of guidelines, so that signups no longer close, and people can just jump in and join whenever they want, as long as they keep the layouts until the deadline. Successive site enlistment is also now possible. (⌒‿⌒) Lastly, I also did a site directory cleanup, so my folders in cPanel now look a lot more streamlined and less migraine-inducing. It took me a couple of hours, at least, but it was worth it. ♥
  4. Small joys: Today I got approved for the Ranma character FL, so I’m merging that and Akane with the Ranma/Akane FL. (^▽^) #OTP #wishlister
  5. Also finally got off my lazy ass and decided to write a few sentences on the About section of the Cappuccino FL. \(≧▽≦)/ Did a few CSS tweaks and page edits while I was there.

5 April 2020

  1. April 1, 2020: Added Medli as a domain affiliate, and updated Carla’s info. Also I added her Rumiko Takahashi FL as an affiliate to my Akane and Ranma/Akane FLs. :) The Pastel Colours FL also needed a facelift as the season has changed from winter to spring, so here’s an Easter-inspired version, again featuring the gorgeous photography by Jill Wellington. And, with a heavy heart, I also closed the Pidge and Shounen Fanlistings today. :(
  2. April 2, 2020: New codes for Dick Grayson, which now has two affiliates: Batman and Jim Gordon. Added a new code to Ephemeral, too, in which I updated Carla’s info and added Jef.
  3. April 3-5, 2020: I’ve been feeling uninspired since the year started, but now I’ve finally managed to crawl out of my design rut and decided to revamp the main domains. Northstar.nu (+contact page) has now have been prettified by my bias V (this man is so beautiful, it got me out of my designer’s block), while Hakanai.net is now outfitted by the Bangtan Boys, to match—I’ve been lowkey stanning BTS since I saw their Jimmy Fallon appearance more than a month ago. Yes, I know, I’ve been sleeping on their awesomeness all this time. xD

23 November 2019

Been busy IRL, so here’s a collection of small updates the past few weeks:

  1. Nov. 8: New affiliate for Elementary (Lucy Liu)
  2. Nov. 10: New affiliate for Viola Davis (Emma Stone)
  3. Nov. 11: New buttons for Good Tidings and new affiliate (New Year’s), and updated the network section of the domain
  4. Nov. 13: New affiliate for Pastel Colours (Cool Colors)
  5. Nov. 15: New affiliate for Ishida Uryuu (Nel); edited former owner’s (Betty’s) info at Elementary; new affiliates for Tony and Tony/Pepper (RDJ)
  6. Nov. 17: New affiliate for Pastel Colours (Colours), Ephemeral (Fanlisting collectives) and Ishida Uryuu (IshiHime)
  7. Nov. 23: New affiliates for Good Tidings (Holidays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)

7 November 2019

Got approved for this subject a couple of days ago, but it’s been a wishlister of mine for like forever so I set to work on it quickly, and now it’s ready for release! Please join Delicately Soothing, the fanlisting for pastel colours! (And yes I’ve adopted the British spelling just because it looks cooler)

I also added new affiliates for Christopher Nolan (Inception and Arthur+Eames) and Ishida Uryuu (Muramasa). Incidentally, it was Uryuu’s character birthday yesterday. ^^; Also added the new FL owned icons for Hakanai.net!

Lastly, some new updates for Good Tidings: a new 100×50 code, some new guidelines regarding finished layouts, and sent the thank-you finished icons for Rhys and Laurie. ♥