27 May 2019
Northstar.nu, Sai/Ino, Hidaka Ken

  1. Tweaked some of information on Sai/Ino, and finally got around to adding added three Naruto FL affiliates from Dorothy (thank you for your patience!!!).
  2. I added a few more codes for Ken, and the Weiss Kreuz FL is officially an affiliate. :)
  3. Finally done making icons for my sites! They’re larger now and with the subjects clearly stated on the images. Most of the icons reflect the art I featured for the site’s current layout, but others don’t quite look right, so I either used screencaps/promotional images thank you, Google search, or other fanart (that I have permission to use, making sure the artists signatures, if any, remain intact) I’ve had fun styling these, and the uniform size looks better on the page (see the Projects section). ♥

18 April 2019
Sai/Ino, Sheldon Cooper

I’ve had this layout idea for a while now, since I got Bluustock’s permission to use her fanart, and because I was feeling productive yesterday I decided to go ahead with a revamp for the Sai/Ino FL:

The Sai/Ino Fanlisting

As always, I’m not super happy with the CSS just yet (will need to tweak that soon, especially the fonts), but it looks OK thus far and I really like the colors, so I’m releasing this to the world now. (I managed to put up new codes in more sizes, too!) ♥

* * *

I also added another affiliate for Sheldon: his mother (Mary Cooper)! Thanks to Chrisie with whom I’ve had a lovely time chatting about TBBT and YS the past few days. :)

9 June 2018

The Boruto Series FL is now affiliated with this site! Thanks, Jess, for that lovely 100×50 custom button, too! ♥

3 June 2018
Northstar.nu, Sai/Ino

I now present my fourth finished fanlisting of a relatively young OTP, featuring fanart by Koppie:

The Sai and Ino Fanlisting

As always, it took me pretty much the entire day to finish a simple fanlisting, but I’m finally happy with the relatively simple design and can now plug the site.

Do join if you are a Sai and Ino fan!