12 February 2019
*Northstar.nu, Peter/Wendy

I got tired of letting myself take forever on the new layout, so while that one is still in the works, I’ve recycled this old Shiro and Keith layout for Northstar.nu. Edited all the pages, and redid the Index page to only show the most recent projects. :) Finished moving all the sites, too—thanks again, as ever, to my lovely host, Lys of Lepard Space, for taking care of the main domain switch.

* * *

In other news, here’s a really tiny update for Peter/Wendy: I added BeastxBelle to the affiliates section! Also I am aware that the site thoroughly needs a new layout. I’m working on it

28 July 2018

Made some new codes from art I commissioned Jabberwockyface and Burgermeistermb, featuring the Once Upon a Time and Disney versions of Peter and Wendy. :)

22 June 2018

The Peter/Wendy fanlisting is now cross-listed at TAFL, under Peter Pan no Boken, the 1989 anime adaptation (the Tagalog dub of which I watched and enjoyed as a kid). :)

13 June 2018
*Northstar.nu, Peter/Wendy

I was supposed to work on my doujinshi site, but I ended up working on my old Peter and Wendy FL after I got the TFL (re)-approval to run it again:

Of Thimbles and Acorns: The Peter and Wendy FL

Here’s to reviving old loves. ♥