28 October 2019
Ishida Uryuu

I spent most of yesterday designing and coding a new layout for ARROWS OF LIGHT because I could no longer take the rushed ugliness of the first one. xD As with Tony, I initially wanted to have a two-column layout, but it wasn’t working for me so I decided to just roll with this one-column result. (Really liked how the header turned out, btw; again, I made the blend and textures myself from stock photos, augmented by So-Ghislaine’s. It may not look like much, but I am at least pleased with how it looks!)

New codes were added, too—both my own and the rest of Estefania’s codes, which she kindly donated last April when she passed on the members’ list to me. ♥ Also added a few affiliates to the site: Shinji & Aizen, Ichigo & Zaraki, Byakuya & Rukia, and Gin.

27 October 2019
Voltron: Legendary Defender, Project Clique, VLD: Keith, VLD: Pidge, *Hakanai.net

Working on a new layout for one of my FLs today! But in between I squeezed in a few minor site tweaks:

  1. New affiliates for Nolan (Dunkirk) and Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  2. New affiliate (Lotor) for VLD, Keith, and Pidge (+minor content tweaks for Keith and Pidge)
  3. New member for Project Cliques (Sheroes)

I also went on a joining spree—it’s practically a must when I’ve revamped an FL and am looking for affiliates; I found myself going to so many other sites I did not initially intend to visit and ended up joining. xD Hence, my joined page at Hakanai is pretty well-fed ^^;

26 October 2019
*Northstar.nu, *Hakanai.net, Ephemeral

Ephemeral // Fanlisting Collective Directory So I had another niche directory idea and ran away with it. xD This time, it’s for fanlisting collectives. I thought it would be a good idea to connect all active FL collective owners since we’re basically a dying breed by now. If you run one, please join Ephemeral!

As an aside, this was probably the fastest layout I made. (Design- and coding-wise, everything just seemed to come together.) Fanart features Hotaru Tomoe by Pillara, used with permission.

On another note, I made some minor CSS tweaks and edited the “About” and “Exits” pages (added new links) for this update log, and added a Closed FLs section to Hakanai.net. The latter is meant for new FL owners who applied and got approved for these subjects at TFL or TAFL—they can contact me for the old members’ lists. ♥

25 October 2019
Tony/Pepper, Codename wa Sailor V, Shoujo, Tony Stark, Elementary

  1. New link for Elementary: Joan Watson
  2. Intra-network affiliate exchange: Shoujo with Sailor V, and Tony with Tony/Pepper

24 October 2019
Tony/Pepper, Project Clique, Mr. & Mrs. X, Tony Stark, Elementary

Had about three different versions of this layout before I went with this one; I was actually going in a completely different direction with it, but decided to stick with a simple one-column layout instead (ft. fanart by the talented Hallpen, used with permission). I also just received the members list from Deborah and now I’m ready to show the world the new Tony Stark fanlisting!

Also some minor CSS tweaks and affiliates (mostly cross-listing my other sites lol) were done to this site, to Mr. and Mrs. X, and to Tony and Pepper, and Project Clique. Minor CSS tweaks were done to Elementary.

22 October 2019
*Northstar.nu, Sai/Ino, Project Clique, *Hakanai.net, FREE! Movies, Christopher Nolan

In between designing layouts, I took care of a few tiny site tweaks across the network:

  1. Project Clique: Added Pixel Friends as the newest member; also did some CSS tweaks on the site
  2. Nolan: Added two new affiliates, Leonardo di Caprio and Tim Burton; also did a minimal CSS tweak
  3. Hakanai: Added new icons for my two latest FLs (Nolan and Elementary (2012)), and added Deerstop as an affiliate
  4. /log, SaiIno and FREE! Movies: Very minor CSS tweaks

21 October 2019

When inspiration strikes, gotta grab it before it’s gone. So after a month of not working on my sites at all, I went on a full-on manic sitemaking spree the past couple of days (yes, that was how I spent my weekend lol) and worked on the design and coding of two more fanlistings as was already way past the deadline for both of them asdfg. So today I’m officially launching Elementary (2012) (the second one to be launched soon)! It’s an “adoption,” of sorts, since I revived the FL using Betty’s old list. ♥

Had a grand time with creating the header blend for this layout I was so inspired by Andrea’s new Kurama FL. :) Mine is nowhere near as good as hers, lol, but I haven’t made my own textures and blends in a while, so I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. Made most of the textures myself, using stock photos from Pixabay. #proud

20 October 2019
*Northstar.nu, Ainna.me, *Bituin.org

Finally got around to designing and launching Ainna.me and Bituin.org! Ainna.me matches the InuYasha theme of Northstar.nu, and will serve temporarily as my identity/domain portal while I figure out how to integrate the contact form and the blog entries. Meanwhile, Bituin.org has basically just a placeholder index up lol, but I’ve started working on invitations to be listed on the site to the Pinoy personal site owners I know. Here’s to hoping they say yes. *crosses fingers*

I’ve also recently moved Bituin.org to Namecheap after purchasing the domain with PorkBun, as I’ve had trouble the last two months resolving the SSL issue of the domain. With NC, no such problem existed. Guess this is where I’m staying.

19 October 2019

I’ve worked on this layout long enough, and I’m officially sick of it (lol) which means I can now release it to the wild. Please check out version five of Northstar.nu, featuring the InuYasha gang! Been rewatching the series on Hulu lately, so the need to change layouts was strong. xD I also have not made a bottom-right-aligned layout in a while, so I thought I’d give it shot. :)

Minimalist fanart is by Mayumi Matsumoto, used with permission. ☆ Content has also been tweaked to reflect current changes in this version.

18 September 2019
Christopher Nolan

Please check out my newest fanlisting, VIRTUOSO! It’s for my favorite director, Christopher Nolan, who is exceedingly brilliant. ☆ I’ve been a fan of his since his Memento (2000), and I just steadily continued to fall in love with his films because he infuses his cinematic vision with such a refined literary understanding of storytelling, and it’s just… wow. I resisted applying for his FL for a reallly long time because I felt there were better fansites out there… until I could resist no more, and here we are. ^^;