This is the network-wide update log of Northstar.nu and Hakanai.net. I put up this sub-site because I needed a unified record of the changes I make to all my sites. I also think it's good to have space to talk at length about my design choices, layout tweaks, content additions and, occasionally, relevant fan opinions.

NOTE: This site only records manual site changes. Script-related updates, such as the bimonthly member updates required of fanlistings, are no longer logged here. That would explain any discrepancy you may encounter when you come from a particular site and see that the last updated date is different from the date on the latest entry. I have a tendency to chronicle every little change I make to my sites, so unless RL keeps me busy, my entries are pretty detailed. ^^;

I also typically blog by the day, and combine multiple site updates in one entry. If you clicked on a category from the archives, you will find that very few entries are dedicated to one particular site.

This site is powered by FanUpdate.

The current layout is launched on April 7, 2020, optimized for 1366x768 resolutions. It features the boys from Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) in their 2015 hit Dope music video. I've been officially crushing on this group as of a month ago, and the entire domain has been revamped with matching layouts. ^^; Meanwhile, the BTS-inspired logo pixels used as bullets are from Icons8. Image use is guided by the Fair Use Clause. No infringement intended. Full credits and disclaimers are here.

If you came here looking for my RL blog, it's at Ainna.me.


Here are other site logs run by some friends. If you also own a network-wide update blog for all the sites in your collective, shoot me a message and I'll add you here. (I will only link to personal (non-profit) online projects.)

Contact me for any questions or concerns.