14 January 2020
*Northstar.nu, Ishida Uryuu, Kamiya Kaoru, *Hakanai.net, Ephemeral, Satoh Takeru

I finally finished the design for my overdue latest FL, Satoh Takeru, who is probably the only Japanese actor I have been obsessed with. My fascination for him predictably came about when the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film came out in 2012. I stalked every Japanese blog and site, bought official merch (photobooks, calendars, DVDs), downloaded Japanese apps (like LINE) for exclusive content, binged on his shows, hounded videos with fansubs, and even started learning Nihongo (I’m nowhere near fluent, sadly, but I can read basic kana and know basic grammar). I literally spent thousands of pesos on this man lol. I’m more of a casual fan now, but with the last installment of the RK movies coming out later this year—to my biggest surprise, since I thought the trilogy of films ended in 2014—it’s fitting to put up a small appreciation page for him.

I cross-linked this with my Kaoru FL, of course, and added a few other RK-related affiliates. As to my other sites, I added Yumichika to Ishida as an affiliate, and changed Mal’s member/affiliate information for Ephemeral, Hakanai, and Northstar (and Katenkka’s, too).

1 January 2020
*Northstar.nu, Tony/Pepper, Project Clique, Kamiya Kaoru, FREE! Movies, Good Tidings

Happy New Decade (2020), everyone!

  1. All icons have been emailed for participants of Good Tidings
  2. A very generous hosting upgrade was given by Leprd (thank you, Lys!) ♥♥
  3. Added new cliques to Project Clique (Carla’s Element and Mine!)
  4. Did some minor CSS/HTML tweaks to FREE! Movies and Tony/Pepper
  5. Added Saya and Janna as domain affiliates
  6. Updated the RK FL affiliate link for Kaoru

5 April 2019
Ishida Uryuu, Kamiya Kaoru

New affiliates: Added Grimmjow to Uryuu, and Aoshi, Saitou and The Kyoro Arc to Kaoru. ♥

3 April 2019
Ranma/Akane, Shounen, Kamiya Kaoru, Tendou Akane

I finished two new FLs (since my TAFL deadline is coming up)! I’m still not sold on the CSS of these sites, but they will do for now:

The Shounen Genre Fanlisting The Kamiya Kaoru Fanlisting

Thanks again to Miyukiko for letting me use her gorgeous YYH fanart for the Shounen FL!

Also this really goes against my design principle, but I’ve had to use a promotional movie still for Kaoru’s layout, since I couldn’t find any good fanart of Kaoru that I could use with the artist’s permission. : Also took a while to decide with a smaller content area, but the layout is slowly growing on me. Immense thanks again to Kris for allowing me to inherit her list!

Added the Ranma 1/2 and Ryoga FLs as affiliates for the Ranma/Akane and Akane FLs. :)