17 April 2019
*Northstar.nu, Sheldon Cooper, Jake/Amy (Peraltiago)

I started on this layout a couple of weeks ago after obtaining tonvstxrks‘ permission to use her Peraltiago moodboard/aesthetic, and wanted to get a better feel for it first before launching it. Now it’s done, and I’m really happy with it:

The Jake/Amy [Peraltiago] Fanlisting

It’s a joint fanlisting for the characters and their relationship, so please go join if you’re a fan of Jake and Amy! (I surprisingly had a grand time making codes for this FL, a task which I never enjoy. Hmmm. Must be because I was watching B99 in the background?)

In other news, added some new affiliates: Samantha to Northstar.nu; Andy Samberg for Peraltiago; and TBBT5, Leonard&Sheldon, Penny, Missy Cooper, and Young Sheldon to Sheldon. ♥ Speaking of which, I’m not very happy about the minimalist layout I put up, and I’m itching to do a new one… >_< This has never happened before, that I would be so unhappy with my current layout that I would want to do a new one right away