12 August 2019
Northstar.nu, Kagami & Kuroko, Aomine Daiki, FREE!: Rei, Aomine/Momoi, FREE!: Sousuke, FREE! Movies

I’ve had enough of dark layouts, so I decided to revamp this site log with an Ami Mizuno fanart from Pillara, to complement the design of the main domain. ☆

Also opened my newest fanlisting, The Bonds of Water, for all the movies of FREE!— which as you know is my latest anime fascination. I added a bunch of affiliates to that site, then took the opportunity to catch up on my affiliate links for my other FREE! and KnB FLs as well. Managed to get some CSS and HTML markup tweaking across several sites, too. #productive

13 May 2019
Northstar.nu, Kagami & Kuroko, Aomine Daiki

Aaaand just a few days later, I’m a) contemplating redoing the Kagami and Kuroko FL because of alignment issues; and b) I’ve finished another KnB FL. Say hi to my newest baby, Aomine Daiki!

In other domain news, I added Megan to my exits section. :)