12 August 2019
Northstar.nu, Kagami & Kuroko, Aomine Daiki, FREE!: Rei, Aomine/Momoi, FREE!: Sousuke, FREE! Movies

I’ve had enough of dark layouts, so I decided to revamp this site log with an Ami Mizuno fanart from Pillara, to complement the design of the main domain. ☆

Also opened my newest fanlisting, The Bonds of Water, for all the movies of FREE!— which as you know is my latest anime fascination. I added a bunch of affiliates to that site, then took the opportunity to catch up on my affiliate links for my other FREE! and KnB FLs as well. Managed to get some CSS and HTML markup tweaking across several sites, too. #productive

22 May 2019
Kurama/Botan, Aomine/Momoi

After a year of sitting on that messy first version layout (which totally wasted the gorgeous fanart I commissioned from Kay), I finally got around to revamping my Kurama/Botan FL! This means a new design, new content (yes I chased the laziness away and actually wrote some informative stuff!), new links, and new codes (with thanks as always to the FFF Code Generator)!

Its structure is clearly patterned after the AoMomo/DaiSuki FL, and I am loving the two-column structure more. It’s classic, traditional, and cleanly displays more content in less space. /nods thoughtfully

Header features fanart by Artelle, a KuraBo DA artist, who gave me permission to use this art of hers about two years (!) ago. xD

19 May 2019
Voltron: Legendary Defender, Aomine/Momoi

Finished building the last of the KnB FLs I got approved for, smidgens before the TAFL deadline. xD Say hello to Eventually, the Aomine/Momoi (AoMomo or Daisuki) Fanlisting!

I based this design on the HTML structure of the Voltron: Legendary Defender FL, so I updated that site as well, cleaning up markups and texts simultaneously. #accomplished