23 July 2019

After a month of purchasing the domain and not doing anything with it, and after about twenty (not exaggerating) failed attempts, I finally got my fanlisting collective to look like how I wanted it to:

Hakanai.net: Ainna's Fanlisting Collective

(The simplicity of the layout compared to the number of my coding attempts is extremely embarrassing. Also the accordion CSS+Script is a tried-and-tested beautiful thing)

Technically this is version 2, because I reused my Natasha Romanoff layout from the former incarnation of the sub-site (suki.northstar.nu). The design features Tachibana Makoto, the most perfect anime boy you’ll ever meet, which is both in honor of my current fascination with FREE! and the truly tragic arson attack at Kyoto Animation Studios earlier this week. (Fanart by Johanndro, used with permission.)

Affiliate requests are welcomed!

14 July 2019
Northstar.nu, Hakanai.net

It took me close to 48 hours (with breaks, don’t worry lol), but I finally finished my revamp of Northstar.nu: I rewrote and restructured the content, reorganized my links and sites (since Hakanai.net will be my fanlistings collective from now on) placement, spent waaay too much time on the littlest details (icons, styling lists) that no one will pay attention to, and felt ultra-frustrated that a fairly simple layout that I finished in ten minutes in Photoshop took me practically two whole days to code.

But at least, it’s done! Yay! Version four features a lovely Haruka and Michiru sketch by Pillara (used with permission).


2 July 2019
Northstar.nu, Hakanai.net, Ainna.me

Three days before my birthday, and I have finally reached a decision as to what to do with my domains!

  1. Ainna.cc will be my primary identity portal. It will contain a brief “About Me” section and will house my RL blog. As it is based on the concept of my Carrd profile, it will be home to the personal stuff I feel like sharing.
  2. Northstar.nu however will still be my main domain, and will still center on my fan projects and how important webdesign is to me as a hobby. It will house my fic rec site, my doujinshi collection site, a clique directory, my webdesign archive/portfolio, and all my fanlistings (which are fast becoming short tributes to various subjects).
  3. However, because I create a lot of FLs, I decided to put them all in one place. Hakanai.net is a subdivision of Northstar.nu that is specifically going to be my fanlisting collective. I plan to talk about my FL history there, which FLs I own and why, and which ones I joined. It makes sense to lump them all together because otherwise, my main domain is starting to look too crowded!

The only things I need to determine are which script to use for my RL blog (deciding between Wordpress, for security reasons, and FanUpdate, for its simplicity and east PHP includes that makes it easier to design around the script), and if I should move all my anime sites to Hakanai.net. Hmm.

20 June 2019
Oasis, Hakanai.net

Namecheap is having a Business Week Sale until the 24th, so I went and grabbed another *.NET domain which I’ve had an eye on for a while now: HAKANAI.NET! It means “ephemeral” in Nihongo, and it’s my own poetic rendition of the things I am into at the moment, to perhaps archive the things I like. I also wanted something to complement the permanence and singularity of Northstar.nu. I also wanted to own a Japanese domain to reflect my interest in their language and culture.

As of now there’s only a placeholder image though lol (ft. the gorgeous art of Axsens—thank you for granting me permission), as I’m still trying to decide what to do with it. I bought it initially for my joined fanlistings (FLs) page, but then I also wanted to put up an RL shoutlog (which is basically a microblog like Twitter but without bothering with followers or (Q)RTs), and I think that would work well with the theme of the domain, too. Or I could use it for house my FL collective (which I have been averse to separating from my main domain since most of my sites are FLs anyway lol), so at least everything is one place. Or should I just move my TAFL sites over there…? If you have any suggestions, please throw them my way! xD

Oasis Fanlisting In other news, I opened a new fanlisting for one of my all-time favorite bands, Oasis! With gratitude to the former owner, Xanthania, for letting me inherit the list, and to Steve Alce for letting me use his fanart. ♥