7 November 2019
Ishida Uryuu, *Hakanai.net, Christopher Nolan, Good Tidings, Pastel Colours

Got approved for this subject a couple of days ago, but it’s been a wishlister of mine for like forever so I set to work on it quickly, and now it’s ready for release! Please join Delicately Soothing, the fanlisting for pastel colours! (And yes I’ve adopted the British spelling just because it looks cooler)

I also added new affiliates for Christopher Nolan (Inception and Arthur+Eames) and Ishida Uryuu (Muramasa). Incidentally, it was Uryuu’s character birthday yesterday. ^^; Also added the new FL owned icons for Hakanai.net!

Lastly, some new updates for Good Tidings: a new 100×50 code, some new guidelines regarding finished layouts, and sent the thank-you finished icons for Rhys and Laurie. ♥

4 November 2019
Ainna.me, Good Tidings

The other day, I set up the information page for Good Tidings, the 2019 Holiday Layout Marathon I’m hosting (and I’ve added Rhys and Lene as participants):

Sign-ups close Dec. 1, 2019. Come join! ☆

In other news, I’ve updated the index page of Ainna.me to add a more functional/informative menu. I am also officially launching /PULSE, my mostly-RL microlog.