31 August 2019
Codename wa Sailor V

Did a complete revamp for First Soldier: The Codename wa Sailor V fanlisting. Version two now uses CSS tabs like my other FLs, and the new layout features art from the now-defunct Sailor Moon Drops mobile game (which I played almost daily for two years lol). The new design is in honor of the 2019 Video Game Layout Marathon at Kakusei.org. ♥ Matching codes have also been added!

1 April 2019
Codename wa Sailor V

Added two new affiliates, The Sailor V/Kaitou Ace FL and the Sailor Moon: Another Story FL. :)

Also fixed some of the erroneous links on the join and contact pages, which were still linked to the old domain. *cringes* Fixed the links (affiliates) on the index page as well.

(I really need to put up a better layout for this site soon!)

8 October 2018
Northstar.nu, Codename wa Sailor V, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Eriol/Tomoyo

Two more new FLs were put up this week: The Voltron: Legendary Defender fanlisting, and the Eriol/Tomoyo fanlisting (one of my all-time OTPs). ♥ Decided to pattern them after my Codename wa Sailor V FL and go for a minimalist layout and content. Check them all out!

30 September 2018
Northstar.nu, Codename wa Sailor V

I added Katenkka as a new domain affiliate. ♥ Also, FIRST SOLDIER: The Codename wa Sailor V Fanlisting is now up and running :)